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By James D. Long (Springdale, AR, USA)

When did the Mabul (Flood of Noach)happen? When did the Exodus occur? In what year did the prophet Daniel interpret the “hand writing on the wall” for the ill-fated Babylonian monarch Belshatzar?

If you want to know the history of a people–ask those people. Matis Kantor draws from rich Jewish sources such as Seder Olam, the Talmud, Midrash and other deeply relevant sources that reveal the exact time line of Jewish history. And, he demonstrates that the Jewish People offer a Chronology unlike any other ancient culture. The Jewish time line of history is free of omissions—something no other ancient culture can claim—not the Egyptians, Greeks or Romans. Time has always been sacred to the Jews and because it is sacred, they have  recorded every pivotal milestone through time. No serious student of antiquity should be without this valuable text. Highly recommended.

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By Yisroel Bernath “The Book Rabbi” (Montreal, QC)

Reading the Bible and constantly wandering when did this happen? When did that happen?
Wonder no more. This book has it all. It is well researched and 100% accurate. This is an
invaluable resource.

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By Sara Greisman

I’ve read many Jewish history books and this one is by far the best and most accurate.

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by John S. Caccomo

A Chronological Index of Jewish History Covering 5764 years of Biblical, Talmudic, &
post-Talmudic History
Book includes:
-30 New maps (most full color)
-21 Charts
-Much more information throughout
-Jewish history all the way to 2004

Put your arms around Jewish History.

For most people five thousand years of history boggles the mind. So many names and places.
Years and events. It can be overwhelming and confusing. This book—with its clever and
thoughtful organization—is keenly structured to enable everyone to grasp the larger picture
and to focus in on detail.

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Yisroel Schreiber welcomes Rabbi Mattis Kantor’s latest literary effort in making the Jewish time-line widely accessible

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Codex Judaica: Chronological Index of Jewish History by Mattis Kantor (Zichron Press, 2005) covers Creation to the 2000’s with an emphasis on the eras of the Bible, Talmud, Rishonim and Ahronim. This volume is especially useful because it allows the reader to choose from 4 levels of detail. Timeline 1 is a simple 1-page summary. Timelines 2 and 3 (8-page and 14-page charts) position major Rabbinic texts in the context of major Jewish historical events. Timeline 4 (the bulk of the book) provides year-by-year details on Rabbinic writings and Jewish history.

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By “pastorshawn” (Huntington, WV)

My title says it all. Mattis Kantor has composed the richest collection of information available on the subject
of Jewish (and world) history. The reader will discover a wealth of knowledge that gives detail yet is easily
referenced. Beautiful work. If a person is a true scholar then no collection is complete without this book.

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By Robert P. Killian (Monte Carlo, Monaco)

Truely a remarkable tome. This “Codex Judaica” is unprecedented in our “western world” accadamic conscience.

The observant bible chronologer shall recognise that “adding” 131 to all of the Jewish “secular dates”, found at the right of each “anno-mundi date” in this work, does give us the real “actual count” year of our “western world”. From “creation” date: 3892BC,(NOT 4004BC as is given by Archbishop James Ussher in his monumental historical work: “The Annals of the World”, published 350 years ago in 1658AD), we can now verify every “event” of biblical history.

This 112 year “reduction” for the date of the “creation event” is now a “Mathematical Imperative” since, when we “bring forward” by exactly 112 years, this event, and ALL of the “Bible Patriarchs down to the death of Levi, we then find that ALL of the rest of biblical history “falls in place” within the timeline presented in Codex Judaica.

The publishing of “Codex Judacia” shall revolutionize our present “willfull blindness” to the validity of the information contained in many jewish historical works, such as, “Seder Olam” and “The Book of Jasher”. This present publication is most welcome and timely in “our day”.

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