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Codex-ShedraCODEX JUDAICA larger image.Here, on this site, you can familiarize yourself with this exceptional book by Mattis Kantor. You are able to read reviews by readers, owners and reviewers. Some of the reviews are by scholars – CODEX JUDAICA is a serious reference work that is quoted in many articles (because of its accuracy.)

Selections of the book are available to read on this website, in protected PDF format.

CODEX JUDAICA is rich with 16 pages of color maps, numerous black and white maps interspersed, as well as graphic representations of the passing eras. Besides enhancing the informative nature of the work, the graphics, maps, and charts all add to diffusing the monotone of a 5,000+ year by year document.

This book is produced with a quality of care; the typefaces, the graphic design of all pages, as well as the quality vellum paper, have all combined to establish this book as a popular gift item that keeps on giving, and giving, incorporating information for years of use.

CODEX JUDAICA was first printed in November 2005, and is now in its seventh print with limited quantities in stock. The eighth print is ready for immediate production when required.

You can purchase this book right here securely and conveniently through PayPal (the most popular internet bank) using your credit card or PayPal account balance. (There is no need to have a PayPal account in order to purchase with your credit card. PayPal does it for you.)

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The elegant styling and quality production, make this an excellent coffee-table gift item.